Volunteer training for "Rambuka Maha Vidyalaya" students      

Denuwan Wijewardena visited "Rambuka Maha Vidyalaya" to share his knowledge by conducting a Volunteer training for "brilliant" students who lives in a very remote area.

Rambuka a village situated between Pothupitiya and Kalawaana in Rathnapura district of Sabaragamuwa province is a place of that cannot be access easily because roads are on very bad condition. Ranbuka Maha Vidyaalaya is the school which gives the knowledge to innocent children of the area. the most important thing is, students of this school are very rich in IT knowledge.

In Microsoft Softwear Compitition organized by the educational ministry of Sri Lanka in 2009 students of this school won 08 awards.( 5 for students and 3 for teachers)for this competitions students have submitted more than 500 CD s and it is a record of history because it is the highest count of CD s that have been submitted ever for this competition they have done this miracle only using 10 PC s in their school IT lab ( CLL centre)

Instead of IT knowledge the professional video team of school who has trained by Sri Lanka Rupavahini Academy. by the recommend of president M. Rajapaksa. Is doing great service to the village.The person who is behind all these successful stories is Mr. H.M Wijewardena, the teacher of IT and who has got the "Soorya Singha Award" organized by Sri Lanka Rupavahini & Unilivers For the service he has done for the school and the village.

He met Mr. H.M. Wijewardena in a training and by identifying his great involvement of knowledge sharing, he decided to visit this school, during visit, he shared knowledge of interactive content development by using Adobe Flash, audio editing by using adobe audition and introduction to free open source Edubuntu operating system. And also he donated the domain name for their e-village website to the principal of the school. At the end of the training , students promised to show their talents with new tools they learned. Denuwan Wijewardena also promised them to give his support further to develop their skills.